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Jul i Valhal

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I did the artwork for the christmas calendar Jul i Valhal 2012, which was broadcasted throughout december untill christmas eve. I made all the characters, background and logo in the 3D program Zbrush and rendered them separately since each character had 1-2million polygons! Afterwards I merge it all together in photoshop, where I also made the look and feel less 3D and more painterlike to get a cosy look to it all.

It was an exiting assignment, and the first time I have tried to make such a detailed drawing. I also made the character animation for the main game on based on the same character plus all the design for the website and the games for the daily activities from 1. december to the 24. december.


Turntable video showing some of the characters I modelled using Zbrush 4.0:


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Vild med dans 2011

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My job here was to make the OnAir design made by Uffe Raupach Jensen work on the Vild med Dans homepage. This is the design for the frontpage (2011):

Las Vegas

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An animation done for an intro sequence for TV 2 Beep.

Helvedes køkken

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Posted on January 9th, by vester6 in Print, Webdesign. No Comments

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